The Acadian Memorial and the Grand-Pré National Historic Site are twinned in an agreement between Evangeline Oak Park and Parks Canada. On ancestral Acadian lands in the heart of Nova Scotia's historic Minas Basin, Grand-Pré remembers the Deportations that began in 1755.

coverletNEWSFLASH: Purchase an Acadian coverlet to help save Sainte-Famille, a recently discovered Acadian cemetery not far from Grand-Pré. (See image at right.) Contact Donna Doucet at

"Arrival of the Acadians in Louisiana", the Memorial mural by Robert Dafford, is twinned with another mural by the same artist in the Chantenay district of Nantes, France. "Embarkation of the Acadians for Louisiana," depicts the departure of Acadian refugees in France. Step into the Acadian past of historic Nantes with help from Gérard Braud and the Brétagne-Acadie association. Inquire at

Both St. Martinville and Bouctouche, New Brunswick, share ties to Acadian literature and history. Discover a cultural and ecological paradise at

While St. Martinville was historically a point of arrival for non-Native settlers to Southwest Louisiana, Gorée Island, Senegal, marks the place where thousands of enslaved Africans were taken from their home continent into a perilous exile. Today, both cities celebrate their African heritage.

St. Martinville and Chaudfontaine, Belgium share ties to water and to the French language. There's something in the water at

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