Pierre Richard

1766, Opelousas

A constituent of Beausoliel Broussard,
he married Marguerite Dugas.

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Joseph Broussard dit Beausoleil

1765, Attakapas

A resistance leader in post-expulsion Acadia, he led a
group of refugees from Acadia in November, 1764 and
arrived in Louisiana in February 1765.

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Augustin Remi Boudrot

1768, Fort San Luis de Natchez

Age 13 and an orphan when he arrived in Louisiana,
he later established his family at Poste des Opelousas.

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Boudreau Family

Elisabeth Thibodeau veuve Cosme Brasseur

1767, Fort San Gabriel

She begged her way out of Maryland to Louisiana and
with her five daughters and two sons was settled on
Bayou Manchac in 1767.

Joseph Landry

1766, Cabannocé

He arrived as a young refugee and in
1812 became a member of the Louisiana
State Senate from the County of Acadia
(now St. James and Ascension Parishes).

Marguerite Martin

1765, Attakapas

Veuve René Robichaud, she is thought to be the
centenarian grandmother referred to by Judge
Felix Voorhies in his book, Acadian Reminiscences.

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“The Arrival of the Acadians in Louisiana” by Robert Dafford

Our stunning mural entitled "The Arrival of the Acadians in Louisiana" by Robert Dafford, measures 12 x 30 feet. Its figures represent actual documented Acadian refugees who arrived in Louisiana from about 1764 to 1788 and who settled in different parts of the state. Some models are direct descendants of the figures they portray. This mural is twinned with one in Nantes, France, also painted by Robert Dafford, which depicts the departure of Louisiana-bound Acadians from the port of Nantes in 1785.

the mural poster

Commemorative prints of the mural are available for purchase in our online store.


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