Acadian Memorial reopens at 10am on March 18! Join us!

4/13/17 - Il fait beau temps et les visiteurs arrivent!!   What gorgeous weather to welcome all of our visitors!!   The Acadian Memorial is open 7 days a week from 10am - 4:30pm but closed for Good Friday and Easter Sunday.  Venez nous voir!   Come see us!


3/2/17 -Sheetrock work is complete, and the painting has begun!!   Join us on March 18 at 10am as we officially reopen the Acadian Memorial!!   Join us afterwards for the Acadian Memorial Heritage Festival and Wooden Boat Congrès!

We`ll continue to keep you posted on the progress of the Cultural Heritage Center. 


2/22/17  And the good news continues!   The mural is completely back in place, the mural audio system has been repaired, and construction has started on the rest of the repairs.   If all goes according to schedule, we will officially re-open the Acadian Memorial at 9am on 3/18/17 during the Acadian Memorial heritage Festival!   Hope you can join us!

We took bids today for the Cultural Heritage Center.   There is much mre work to do there, so it will probably be the end of April, beginning of May before we are completely back up and running.   We will continue to keep you posted.


11/29/16  More good news!   It's coming along slowly.   The damaged sheetrock in both museums has been removed.  St. Martinville's City Council has approved taking bids for the remainder of the repairs.  Things should move fairly quickly at this point. We will also schedule a date with Robert Dafford to put the mural back together.  Our hope is to be back in the museums by the beginning of January.   Keep your fingers crossed - we will keep you updated!!


10/28/16  Good news!   We have started the recovery process!  Robert Dafford and his team will be in in the next month to put the mural back to its original state.   And a construction team will be in in the next week to start cutting out the damaged sheetrock in both buildings.   The Acadian Memorial will be back in operation before the Cultural Heritage Center as it has less damage, but we will continue to keep you posted.  


9/28/16   We want to keep you updated on conditions at our museums and possible re-opening.

We will have a meeting with FEMA officials and our architect next week to assess the damage and what will be covered.   We should have a better idea of the date of our re-opening after the meeting, but we are probably looking at Dec or Jan 1.   We will continue to keep you updated.


August 2016.Unfortunately, the Acadian Memorial and the Cultural Heritage Center took on 12-18" of the Bayou Teche.  We've been cleaning up for the past week, and the Memorial is in pretty good shape, thanks to concrete floors and mainly stucco walls.   The mural's in good shape, and on the advice of artist Robert Dafford, we took off the base boards and are letting it air out.

The Cultural Heritage Center, which contains the Acadian Museum and the African American Museum, fared a bit worse.   We had to tear out all of the carpets, and the sheetrock will have to be replaced.   All in all, we were pretty lucky, and we hope to be up and running for October 1.  

Check back for updates!  Check out our Facebook page, Acadian Memorial, for pictures!

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